David Blue - Stargate Universe

David Blue
of Stargate Universe

We caught up with Stargate Universe actor David Blue at Fan Expo this year and were very pleased to discover that he more than lives up to his character’s dorky reputation. Blue, who has also appeared on such TV shows as Ugly Betty and Moonlight, plays resident geek Eli Wallace on the sci-fi series, essentially the avatar for fans on SGU. When Eli is not helping save the Destiny with his genius and knack for technology, he can often be found dropping delightfully nerdy references in a charming, yet slightly inept attempt to lighten the mood of his fellow space castaways. In space no one can hear you geek.

We spoke with David at length about his character, what viewers can look forward to for Season 2 of Stargate Universe, what’s on his dork shelf and an array of other thoroughly geeky topics.

Our thanks to David Blue for taking the time to talk with us. For more info be sure to follow him on Twitter @DavidBlue and while you’re there follow us too, @DorkShelf.

Stargate Universe premieres Friday, October 1st at 10:00 PM on SPACE

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