Finding Don McKellar

Where in the World is Don McKellar?

You can describe Don McKellar as an actor, writer, and director, but above all, he’s a Canadian treasure. McKellar emerged as part of the Toronto New Wave during the late ‘80s. And since then he’s racked up more than 70 acting credits over his career, including Mina Shum’s excellent 2017 film, Meditation Park. Most recently, he directed a feature adaptation of Canadian writer Joseph Boyden’s novel, Through Black Spruce, which premiered at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival.

McKellar is a real cinematic mensch. So it makes sense that a couple of local cinephiles would go out of their way to pay tribute. Enter Finding Don McKellar, a short film by Ben Gordon and (ThatShelf contributor) Matt Hoffman. It’s a story of two friends embarking on a journey across Toronto to track down the elusive Canadian filmmaker.

The video is free to watch on YouTube and Vimeo, and if you’re a fan of McKellar’s work – or Canadian cinema – it’s worth checking out.