Hot Docs 2014: Come Worry With Us! Review

Come Worry With Us

Come Worry With Us!


One doesn’t have to be a fan of the post-rock orchestral stylings of Montreal’s Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra to enjoy or understand this equally amusing and dramatic anti-rock doc from Helene Klodawsky. It’s a keenly observant and universally relatable story of loving parents who want to do right by their newborn.

Dividing his time between Silver Mt. Zion and his other, more recognized band Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Efrim Menuck is always on the hustle to provide for his newborn Ezra Steamtrain Moss Menuck, often away from home more than he would like. His partner and band mate, Jessica Moss, on the other hand is adapting to life as a stay at home mother, faced with potentially having to get a day job and close up shop on some of her other artistic pursuits. They bring young Ezra on tour with them and the band is pretty cool with it, but deep down Efrim and Jessica are always questioning if they are doing the right thing.


The beauty of Klodawsky’s film is watching the parents being forced to go through a similar process of growing up as their child. Neither knew what to expect from parenthood, but that also couldn’t imagine a life without Ezra in it. It’s moving to see artistically minded parents who are unwilling to compromise their artistic and political morals without being high and mighty jerks about it. They’re incredibly humble, normal people that are deeply terrified for the future of their kid and worried about doing him wrong. But young Ezra has little cause for concern. It seems in this situation the kid will be alright. There’s also something awesome to be said about the advice they’re given along the way, especially from friends who might have done things differently.


Sunday, April 27th, TIFF Bell Lightbox 2, 6:00pm

Monday, April 28th, Scotiabank 3, 2:00pm


Thursday, May 1st, Hart House Theatre, 1:00pm