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How Netflix Reshaped Movie Industry

Netflix has become a byword in the movie industry for those looking to watch films and shows in the comfort of their home. The company has become a leader in the movie streaming market with many people signing up to watch movies at their convenience. Apart from the US, content on Netflix can be seen in over forty countries around the world, making it a global brand. It’s an on-demand service that offers a variety of content to viewers depending on their preferences. So far, it has over ten million subscribers and has sent over ten thousand DVD titles to its clients.

The entry of Netflix disrupted the entire movie industry leaving many entertainment companies unable to catch up with them. The company managed to marry content delivery for the home market and deliver seamless entertainment options to their clients on a daily basis. So, how has Netflix managed to change the movie industry landscape?

On-demand content

Netflix allows you to watch content whenever you want. The company has made it possible for their subscribers to view content on different devices. Some of the devices that are used for streaming movies, documentaries and other TV shows are personal computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, blue-ray players, game consoles and set-top boxes. These options make it possible for viewers to use their preferred device when watching their favorite shows.


Ease of use

Home streaming of movies and shows is as simple as logging into the Netflix website or using their application on mobile devices. The setup is not complicated and can be done by most people without outside help. When compared to setting up cable, which requires a visit by company employees to your home, Netflix is a Do It Yourself project, which you can do in a few minutes. Additionally, browsing can be done by genre or name, making the selection of your favorite movie or show easy.

Commercial free

Watching a TV show with lots of commercials can be very frustrating especially if it’s your favorite show. Netflix understands how annoying it can be and has ensured its platform is free from ads, from the free trial version to all its membership plans. Whenever you select a movie or show to watch, you can rest assured that you will not be interrupted by advertisements at any time.


Ability to watch offline

Although it’s an online streaming company, Netflix allows users to view content even when they are not connected to the internet. Members can download their favorite movies and watch it later with families or friends at a location of their choice. Thankfully, the process of downloading content is simple and can be done on their site or through their mobile application. To download, you only need to click on the “Available for download” section, and it will be available on your device in a few minutes.

Variety of membership plans

The membership plans at Netflix are designed for the benefit of the viewers with the focus being on adding them value no matter the budget. Members choose from three plans namely, premium, standard and basic which have different options for those sign up. When you sign up, the first month is free, and members can upgrade at any time. Also, cancellation of subscription is allowed whenever a member desires. Generally, the membership costs are affordable regardless of the plan chosen with the prices ranging between eight to twelve dollars.


User-friendly experience

Netflix offers an excellent experience for its users regardless of the membership plan chosen. The home-streaming company allows users to watch movies on HD, Ultra HD and enables them to fast forward so that they can watch their favorite parts. Members that have a great internet connection can watch their favorite shows and explore new ones any time of the day or night. The same is possible on sites such as that offer a wide array of films to movie enthusiast all over the world.

What to expect from Netflix in 2019

It looks like Netflix are not done with their disruption of the movie industry if their 2019 plans are anything to go by. The online streaming company is expected to set trends in the online streaming of content globally. Some of the changes to anticipate include:


Increase in original programs

Netflix has plans to increase the number of original programs that will be available on the streaming service in the coming year. The number of shows are expected to be at least seven hundred and will include up to six popular programs from a variety of European countries. Nevertheless, the content is likely to have a global appeal as a majority of their new subscribers in recent years have been from international countries.

Cancellation of shows

Typically, Netflix renews its shows depending on the interest of their members in the US and beyond. However, they sometimes cancel shows, even popular ones depending on some factors such as type and size of audience among others. For example, shows such as Daredevil from Marvel will not be part of the programs on the streaming service in 2019. Nevertheless, a majority of the popular shows will still be airing on Netflix in the coming year.


Introduction of African Series

The online streaming service has been looking at opportunities in Africa for a while and is ready to commission some programs in 2019. Netflix is positioning itself for the anticipated swing of content from the US market to a more global one by including original African series in its programming. As it seems, non-English language content appears to be picking up, and the home-streaming company wants to lead from the front.

Overall, Netflix seems to be concentrating on creating content that appeals to their members and is not giving much thought to their competitors. Its focus on pleasing their viewers and the creating strategies to increase their market share is likely to keep them at the top of online streaming services now and in the future.