Interview: Stay Tooned’s Eric Bauza

Cartoons have played a significant role in millions of childhoods, providing much-needed Saturday morning entertainment after a long week of school. But to most, many political and social aspects of these shows went over their heads, despite including themes that unknowingly helped define who we are. Eric Bauza, who is the voice of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety, and hundreds of more beloved characters, brings us his new show, Stay Tooned, a six-episode series that looks into classic cartoons from the 20th century, and how they effectively explored adult themes, such as gender, race, and sexuality.

Throughout the show, Bauza conducts interviews with fellow voice-over actors, animation lovers, and showrunners, including Tara Strong, Ben Schwartz, and Ken Jeong, who share their own experiences in watching cartoons as kids and how their content helped shaped them into who they have become.

Bauza’s exploration into the history of animation and the conversations with his friends and colleagues make Stay Tooned a must-see for all lovers of the genre.

That Shelf’s Shawn Peer sat down with Bauza to discuss the importance of Stay Tooned and what audiences can expect from the show:

Stay Tooned launches on CBC Gem, starting December 2.