Dwayne McDuffie

“Justice League” writer Dwayne McDuffie passes away

As Dork Shelf publishes my All-Star Superman review, I’m saddened to say that the film’s writer, Dwayne McDuffie, has passed away. McDuffie wrote a huge amount of the DC Animated Universe’s content, including an unprecedented 69 episodes of Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.

McDuffie also was responsible for the creation of Milestone Media, an imprint of DC Comics. Through this imprint, McDuffie gave the world its first taste of many heroes, like Icon and Static Shock. It was also described as a “coalition of African-American artists and writers who believed that minorities were severely underrepresented in American comics,” and for that, I commend them on their work.

McDuffie was also instrumental in many children knowing Green Lantern as a strong black role-model, as John Stewart replaced Hal Jordan in Justice League.

I suggest you all go and watch some of the episodes he wrote; as Matt Fraction informed us on Twitter: “Dwayne McDuffie wrote funny. Not “comics funny,” but legitimately funny. He never drooped down to “comics funny” and I loved him for it.”


Our condolences go out to his family. Though the cause of his death is unknown at this time, this post will be updated when more information becomes available.