Letterboxing: 10 Most Popular Films of 2018

There’s a pretty good chance you spent 2018 watching these 10 movies

Letterboxd has released its yearly stats based on the viewing habits of the site’s nearly one million movie lovers, over a quarter of which were busy watching Black Panther in 2018.

Ryan Coogler’s entry into the superhero genre clocked in over 233,000 watches by Letterboxd members, making it the year’s most-popular movie. However, the movie was notably absent from the site’s list of the highest-rated films of the year.

Calculated by the total number of watches and interactions logged by the site’s members – regardless of what rating they gave it – Black Panther sits on top an impressive list of crowd-pleasing and critically-acclaimed hits.


Superheroes reigned supreme in the top 10 list with Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War coming in at the number two spot on a list that also includes Incredibles 2 and Deadpool 2 in the sixth and seventh spots, respectivelyThe MCU’s big ensemble feature saw 212,000 Letterboxd members watch the film which also landed in the number 10 spot on the site’s list of the year’s highest-rated films.

From Bird Box to Mandy, there’s no doubt 2018 was a big year or horror. Viewers flocked to A Quiet Place, Annihilation and Hereditary, which come in at third, fourth and fifth place on the list. It’s a repeat of 2017’s most popular list of films which also featured three from the horror genre – Get Out, IT, Split – in the top ten.

Wes Anderson plus dogs and an all-star voice cast also proved irresistible as Isle Of Dogs comes in at number eight on the list, followed by Steven Spielberg’s divisive nostalgia-fest Ready Player One.
And last but not least, Solo is bringing up the rear in the tenth position. The Star Wars movie everyone forgot was even released last year was viewed by over 99,000 Letterboxd members who watched Alden Ehrenreich’s Solo do the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.
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