Luxe Listings Toronto Review: New Real Estate Series is ‘Prime’ Weekend Viewing

Prime Video's latest unscripted series focuses on lavish real estate properties.

If your algorithm contains shows that delve into the drama and lifestyle of well-dressed real estate agents – set to a soundtrack of upbeat musical montages – then grab your favourite snack, settle in, and get ready to be immersed in Toronto’s highly competitive luxury real estate market! Ready to be added to your weekend binge-watch list, Prime Video’s new unscripted series, Luxe Listings Toronto, includes seven exciting episodes that showcase the city as much as the listings.

From a sprawling ten-bedroom mansion in Drake’s neighbourhood, The Bridle Path, to The Bridge Suite, a three-story condo with unobstructed south-facing views of Lake Ontario, seasoned agents Peter and Paige Torkan of Team Torkam, alongside relatively newcomer Brett Starke of The Starke Group, provide rare glimpses into Toronto’s luxury real estate market. 

Tensions quickly rise as news of Team Torkan’s agency expansion through a new downtown office creates waves for Brett and The Starke Group. Only adding to the wake, Peter and Paige announce their new office’s first listing – a $7 million condo. While Brett appreciates the ‘HENRY’ – High Earners Not Rich Yet – a nickname bestowed for those who purchase condos in the $1 to $2 million range, he aims to enter a higher-end property listing market, creating even more competition for the city’s exclusive listings. 

Tapping into the unscripted real estate series formula while maintaining Canadian charm, Luxe Listings Toronto stirs up plenty of real estate drama with a healthy dose of escapism. Various drone shots highlight Toronto’s vibrancy and keep viewers engaged and distracted from the current housing crisis in Canada. After all, the ease of things like discussing multi-million dollar deals while driving are generally reserved for those who meet with trainers regarding their biomarkers at 5:00 a.m. – like Joshua, a potential client of Team Torkan. 


Using their charisma, the agents effortlessly walk through their listings, seamlessly weaving the extensive property specifications into the conversation. Peter and Brett are not only selling to the clients but also to us, the viewers, and they know it.  A client may purchase the Oakville smart home complete with bullet-proof windows or the condo with idyllic downtown Toronto views from either competing agent. However, both agencies can celebrate successfully selling Luxe Listings Toronto, leaving audiences eagerly awaiting season two!

Season 1 of Luxe Listings Toronto is now streaming, exclusively on Prime Video.