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MTV Launches New Geek Site

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MTV GeekMTV announces launch of new site that will feature comics, event coverage, music, toys, animation, tech, gaming and more! (Hey! Sounds like someone we know)

MTV has become a pale shadow of its former self. Once upon a time, MTV–along with Much Music–was a beacon for quality music programming, entertaining VJs and cutting edge comedy shows like Beavis & Butthead. Their programming was youth oriented yet still relevant and fresh enough to be enjoyed by young career types and even the guilty pleasure of some middle aged viewers.

Today, the station has become an amalgamation of music, movies, reality TV and whatever other programming they can add to influence the me-me-me mentality and sense of entitlement in today’s youth (shakes fist from rocking chair). It has become the home of such quality programming as Jersey Shore, 16 and Pregnant, Downtown Girls, and of course, everyone’s favorite, 1 girl 5 gays. Which strangely sounds like some weird porno sequel to 2 girls, 1 cup.


With every other movie in Hollywood being based on comic books and geek chic being this seasons biggest trend, it’s no surprise MTV is hopping on the geek bandwagon with their announcement earlier today of MTV Geek.

The new site will act as a central hub for comic related and inspired content on Geek will curate comics, animation and interviews, creating a daily destination for comic fans within the MTV community. The content will span a variety of geek interests including sci-fi, fantasy, music, horror, toys, tech, and gaming.

“The geniuses at MTV are finally entering the field I love the most, Comics!” said comic’s legend Stan Lee, who introduced the site launch online. “MTV is going to blow your mind with what they have planned.”

Oh Stan, bless your dear old heart, but MTV hasn’t blown anyone’s mind since the early 90’s.

Fresh out of its plastic wrapper, the site will feature comic previews from all major publishers including Marvel, Image, Dark Horse and POW! Entertainment, accompanied by exclusive full issues and graphic novels.

“MTV has always been on the forefront of pop culture and current trends,” said David Steinberger, CEO of comiXology “MTV Geek’s new spotlight on geek culture is a testament to this and a bright future for comics, which comiXology is thrilled to help power.”

In addition, MTV Geek will also provide ongoing coverage of events and conventions from around the globe with coverage of this years’ DragonCon, Star Wars Celebration, Baltimore Comic Con, and San Diego Comic Con, followed by coverage throughout the New York Comic Con, which starts October 8th.


As an ongoing video series, MTV Geek Studio Tours will present fans with an inside look into the studios of top comic artists, companies, designers, sculptors, animators, technologists, and more. Most likely hosted by some cute girl claiming to be a “legitimate geek”. Fingers crossed.

“ has a long history of creating niche content experiences that connect our audience with their individual passion points,” said Kristin Frank, General Manager, MTV and VH1 Digital. “The launch of MTV Geek underscores our commitment to providing fanboys and fangirls with a best-in-class curated experience that will serve as the voice of the geek community.”

From the voice of the Geek community comes...1 girl. 5 gays???

…  I’m sorry I tried to keep it in, I really did. But it was just too tough to make it through that last sentence without bursting into laughter.

Sour grapes much? I know, I know.

I just find it comical when a business who has never shown an ounce of interest in what others live and breath on a daily basis (and occasionally blog about) comes out saying they are going to use their resources, connections, money and manpower to become the “voice of the geek community.”

Sure is tough being the little guy. Ha! Bring it on MTV.



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