No-Budget Nightmares #91 – Monsturd

Time to drop the kids off at the pool, because on this episode of NO-BUDGET NIGHTMARES we’re plumbing the depths to bring you 2003’s MONSTURD! Moe and Doug are up to their elbows in the brown stuff, and only their quick wit, Pepto Bismol, adult diapers and EARTH’S YELLOW SUN can save them, so grab your foul-mouthed dummy, strap on some toilet rolls and let’s get down to BUSINESS! POOP!

(Note: We had some audio issues on Doug’s end for this episode – the dope was recording through his built in laptop mic like a dingus. Things will be back to normal by next episode. SORRY!)

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Monsturd IMDB entry

Watch the entire film (legally) right here!

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