Nug & Cymek Review The New 52: Week 7

Batwoman #2

As you may or may not have heard, DC Comics recently made the bold decision to relaunch their comic book universe. Dubbed “The New 52″, the rebooted universe is an effort by the comic publisher to make their superheroes and stories more “modern and accessible”. The controversial relaunch will offer a fresh start for iconic superheroes and lesser known characters alike with all 52 titles being renumbered to #1.

Actor/comedian Nug Nahrgang and writer/director Andrew Cymek (Dark Rising) will be hitting The Silver Snail in Toronto every week to review “The New 52″. The pair plans to review EVERY single issue of “The New 52″ through their first story arcs.

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Deathstroke #2, Legion Lost #2, The Shade #1, Resurrection Man #2, Frankenstein: Agent of Shade #2, Mr. Terrific #2, My Greatest Adventure #1, Grifter #2, Suicide Squad #2, Demon Knights #2 (Nug’s Book of the Week), Green Lantern #2, Superboy #2, Batwoman #2, Batgirl #2, and Batman and Robin #2 (Cymek’s Book of the Week).