Hannibal Episode 2.10 Recap

In addition to being Hannibal’s most self-reflexive hour, “Naka-Choko" features a really steamy sex scene that takes place in two separate rooms and involves four humans, a theremin, and a Manstag.

Cinco de Mayo: The Battle Review

Cinco de Mayo: La Batalla is a technically proficient and good looking period film with some solid action sequences that illustrate the horrors of war, but without any characters to care about, the strong visuals lack any legitimate punch.

Joe Review

The grim Southern drama Joe marks a return to more subdued and nuanced territory of Nicolas Cage and a further return to form for director David Gordon Green.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review

Whatever you thought of Marc Webb’s previous outing in the rebooting of the Spider-man Marvel Comics franchise is precisely what you’ll think of The Amazing Spider-man 2 with very little deviation.