Pokémon Sun and Moon: The List of Pokémon Not Found in Shiny


Even if they are particularly difficult to find, Shiny forms exist for just about every Pokémon present in Sun and Moon, and especially for the Goupix d’Alola. The Shiny forms of all but a few types remain completely elusive. Pokemon Shiny forms are often the legendary ones. You can reset your game hundreds of millions of times, you will still never find them in their Shiny form. In Sun and Moon, the shiny-lock unfortunately affects ALL the Legendary Pokémon, from the Tutelaries, to Lunala and Solgaleo, which you can get on a single game cartridge. Same fight for ultra-chimeras and Necrozma, which exist only in their classical forms. At top aus casinos, you can also find interesting games like Pokémon games and choose to play for free or for real money.

Do not panic, even if about fifteen Pokémon are not available in their chromatic form in Sun and Moon, you still have a hundred new Pokémon to discover in their Shiny forms, as well as many Pokemon from previous games. The only bad news is that the Pokemon Marshadow is still not available in Pokémon Sun and Moon – so you do not have to worry about its Shiny version. You can find all your old Pokémon, Shiny or not in the Poké-bank, which will soon be compatible with Pokemon Sun and Moon! Which Shiny forms have you successfully collected?

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