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Pull List: 5/16/12 – Avengers vs. X-Men #4 & Dancer #1

It’s another new week and another edition of the Pull List coming at you. For this week we catch up with the battling heroes of the Marvel universe with Avengers vs. X-Men #4 and some super spy action with Image’s Dancer #1.

Avengers vs. X-Men #4

Avengers vs X-Men #4In round four of Avengers vs X-Men, the pursuit of Hope Summers continues with more hero appearances you can shake a stick at. The story picks up in Antarctica as Wolverine catches up with the world’s most sought after mutant, only to find she needs his help to confront her destiny.

The rest of the issue gives readers quite the snapshot of the various X-Men and Avengers fighting across and off the planet. You get a good picture from both sides of the conflict, including a nice hint on what measures the Avengers will take to solve this issue. This is definitely the story that will deliver for those who were complaining about not enough fighting in previous issues. It’s not often you get to see Thor with a look of sheer defeat on his face.


The ending has a typical cliffhanger which will naturally leave readers wanting more and looking forward to the battle to come in the next issue.

Dancer #1.

Dancer #1Retired assassin Alan Fisher finds his past catching up with him in Image’s Dancer #1. The story by Natahan Edmondson sets the tone right away in the first few panels, stating without any dialogue that Fisher’s enemy is playing for keeps. As the story progresses, the former killer flees with a date as the bullets start to fly. His female companion is quickly learning that the man she loves has a deadly hidden past as bodies start falling around them.

Set in Italy, the artist Nic Klein, does a great job with spacious panels giving readers a great sense of location and danger. Much of the issue does not have dialogue and it really adds a sense of tension as the couple flee for their lives. Fisher feels like a rugged older James Bond that still knows how to handle himself and is not afraid to kill again to save his own life. The reactions from his date are just what you would think someone would have if thrown into this kind of situation.

For a debut issue it kicked off quite well. Readers get a taste of how dangerous this ex-assassin can be and an interesting glimpse into what is to come. There are hints about his past, but not too many – you’ll still be hungry for more by the issue’s end.

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