Shelf Help: 5 Todd McFarlane Books to Submit for CGC Signing

Todd McFarlane had successful creative runs as the primary artist on multiple DC and Marvel titles. His body of work covers iconic characters like Batman, the Incredible Hulk, and Spider-man. Then he went on to co-found Image Comics in 1992.  Those achievements alone would’ve cemented his status as a legend.

But this Canadian powerhouse didn’t stop there: he created a successful toy company that produces some of the most highly detailed collectables in the industry. He’s even dipped his toe into film and television production as well.

Certified Grading Company (CGC) is hosting an in-house private signing which will allow collectors from around the world to send in their items to be signed and graded. With such a large and diverse body of work, what is the best book to submit? Here are five comic books easily worth the price of submission:

Spawn #1 (1992)

Pretty much anyone who collected comics in the ’90s has this book in their collection. It’s easy to acquire on eBay and most comic shops have a copy available. Spawn is McFarlane’s most widely known original character and having this issue signed is a good way to raise its value.


Spider-Man #1 (1990)

Finding a decent copy isn’t difficult. There were over two million copies printed and it likely kicked off the comic book speculation boom in the early ’90s. If you want your copy to stand out in this crowded field, it needs to signed and graded.


Incredible Hulk #340 (1988)

One of the greatest comic book covers of all time. Unlike Spider-Man #1 and Spawn #1, this book didn’t have a massive print run and decent copies don’t come cheap.


Coyote #11 (1985)

This title is McFarlane’s first published work is a sketch that appeared in Comics Journal #84 (September 1982). But his first official comic art appeared on the interior pages of Coyote. Although the book isn’t a household name, it will be a great addition to any McFarlane fans signed collection.


Infinity Inc. #14 (1985)

Before you get too excited, this title has nothing to do with Marvel’s Infinity saga. However, it is McFarlane’s first published cover artwork and his second published work for DC.




CGC is accepting submissions for signatures through Friday November 11, 2022.