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Sing-a-long-a Grease Preview

Sing-a-long-a Grease

Grease, the highest grossing movie-musical of all time, is back on the big screen this February 24-26th at TIFF Bell Lightbox for four “Sing-a-long-a” screenings hosted by comedian Shawn Hitchins.

Sing-a-long-a Grease is the second partnership between TIFF Bell Lightbox and Sing-a-long-a following December’s The Sound of Music screenings. Created by nurses in a seniors residence home, Sing-a-long-a was developed for London’s Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in 1999. The Sing-a-long-a experience is more than just singing along; Every screening begins with a warm-up by a Sing-a-long-a host who lets the audience know when to cheer and/or jeer at the screen, and explains the seemingly random contents of their complimentary goodie bag of “props.” (Think Rocky Horror Picture Show midnight screenings, but much more family friendly.) For the Grease Sing-a-long-a, the host also teaches the audience how to hand jive!

If you attended this past December’s Sing-a-long-a The Sound of Music screenings at the Lightbox, you will be familiar with the structure of the evening and the giddy, infectious enthusiasm of host Shawn Hitchins. Much like December’s sing-alongs, the subtitles during the musical numbers serve no purpose to an audience donning Pink Ladies and T-Birds jackets, but I’m sure they’re useful to the few less-enthusiastic friends and spouses who are brought along. Unfortunately, the Grease screenings do have less props and interaction (read: jeering at the screen,) and Sing-a-long-a does try to make Rizzo out to be a villain, which doesn’t go over very well. But the film itself is more enjoyable and consistent with its musical numbers than The Sound of Music, to be frank. Basically, Nazis don’t take Danny away to join Debate Club, and that yields a more upbeat Sing-a-long-a experience at the Lightbox with your poodle-skirted best friend.

You will never want to sing “Beauty School Dropout” without a paper bag on your head ever again!


Friday, February 24th at 7:00pm
Saturday, February 25th at 1:00pm and 7:00pm
Sunday, February 26th at 7:00pm

Tickets can be purchased in person at the TIFF Bell Lightbox box office or online.

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