Springfield Googolplex Ep. 2: The Karate Kid

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This week, Nate shares one of his favorite childhood films with Adam, The Karate Kid (1984). Immortalized by The Simpsons in “Dead Putting Society” (S2E6), this VHS classic brings together a potent mix of eighties style, karate action, and touching drama. You’re the best!

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Also in this episode:

  • A deep dive into Simpsons episode “Dead Putting Society,” our first beat-by-beat movie parody
  • The unsung filmography of John G. Avildsen, a master of naturalism, underdog stories, and the training montage
  • An honest, unglamorous portrait of Los Angeles on film
  • Adam and Nate test out a different format for the show (let us know what you think!)
  • Plus more bonus material at SpringfieldGoogolplex.org.

Next week, Nate and Adam revisit a movie they’ve both only seen once a long time ago, Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964).


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