The Simpsons: The Musical: The Miniseries by Springfield Googolplex

Springfield Googolplex: Introducing The Simpsons: The Musical: The Miniseries presents:
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– The movie podcast for Simpsons fans.

Have you ever watched one of The Simpsons beloved musical numbers and been stumped by what the heck it’s parodying? Join Adam and Nate as they introduce a new miniseries all about the movies behind your favorite Simpsons musical numbers!



Also in this episode:

  • The musical DNA of The Simpsons, from Matt Groening to Danny Elfman to Alf Clausen
  • How the show slowly bent its own rules to become a Broadway musical (sometimes)
  • A preview of the six movies we will be covering in the miniseries
  • Plus more bonus material at

In the first episode (available now), Adam and Nate take shore leave in the Big Apple for On the Town (1949).


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