Stranger Things 3 Trailer: It’s Time for the Gang to Grow Up

Watch Steve and Dustin’s bromance at its finest

If there is a series that needs no introduction, it’s Stranger Things. Netflix doesn’t release their viewership numbers, but you don’t need raw data to understand the show’s impact. When season two dropped, it hit pop culture like a tidal wave. And that tidal wave is set to make a splash this fourth of July when Stranger Things 3 drops in our Netflix streams.

Netflix released Stranger Things 3’s trailer this morning, and it looks like an ‘80s sci-fi movie in the best possible ways. It’s colourful, silly, and wistful, but there’s also elements of danger and dread running through the whole two minutes. If you’re a fan of the series, then the new trailer won’t disappoint you.

Stranger Things 3 Trailer

The most exciting part of Stranger Things is often the conversation surrounding it. Aside from Game of Thrones, there aren’t many shows left that have a stranglehold on pop culture, but Stranger Things is one of them. Between the fan favourite characters (What up Dustin?), the lingo (the upside down), and the memes (Where’s Barb at?), Stranger Things drives the pop culture conversation. And it brings legions of fans together, online and around water coolers, to talk about things like missing kids, surly cops, and of course, Demogorgons .

With Game of Thrones ending this spring, Stranger Things 3 will ascend pop culture’s Iron Throne.


Netflix isn’t releasing many details about the upcoming season except these cryptic statements:

One summer can change everything.
School is out, pool is open. Welcome to summer of ‘85 in Hawkins.

Stranger Things 3 arrives on Netflix on July 4, 2019.