Interview: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Dork Shelf talks to Don Jon writer, director, and star Joseph Gordon-Levitt about how he came up with the message for his debut feature, how much pornography he thought was appropriate to show, creating the film’s unique family dynamic, producing this film outside of a major studio, and how the casting of Scarlett Johnansson fit into his particular vision for the film.

This Week In DVD: 1/24/12

In our first weekly column about upcoming and current DVD and Blu-ray releases, we go toe to toe with boxing robots in Real Steel, ghosts in Paranormal Activity 3, cancer in 50/50, and sex traffickers in The Whistleblower.

50/50 Review

50/50 is that rare breed of film that effortlessly combines comedy and drama, creating a memorable cocktail that tackles friendship and family, while testing how far each can be stretched.