Al Gore

Knife Fight Review

With a plot oddly similar to a comedic version of The Ides of March from a couple of years ago, the political satire Knife Fight comes from a good pedigree, but it's still nothing that hasn't been seen before and better especially in the past few years.

Kivalina vs. Exxon Review

The environmental advocacy documentary Kivalina Vs. Exxon could show Al Gore a thing or two by effectively putting a human face onto the issue of global warming in this portrait of a community faced with near extinction.

Cool It Review

The new documentary Cool It from acclaimed filmmaker Ondi Timoner is a breath of fresh air for anyone sick and tired of the fear-based approach to fighting climate change. With the help of Danish environmentalist Bjørn Lomborg, Timoner’s Cool It acts as a rebuttal of sorts to Al Gore‘s documentary An Inconvenient Truth.