Andrew Stanton

Monsters, Inc. 3D

Monsters, Inc. solidified the Pixar formula and proved that clever, emotionally rich, and technically stunning work could be produced by the CGI dream team at will. Now that the film is (get ready to feel old) 11-years old and sliding back out into theaters in 3D, it’s clear just how special of a family flick it was. The movie remains just as funny and warm as ever, with a rather ingenious central concept strong enough to make the upcoming sequel something to look forward to.

Interview: The Makers of Brave

We talk to director Mark Andrews and producer Katherine Sarafian about their work together on Disney/Pixar's Brave, all of the research they did, and why the hardest and most important things in animated films are appealing characters and a great story.

This Week in DVD: 6/5/12

This week in DVD, the big time money maker, but already forgotten Safe House, the unforgettable bomb John Carter, a pair of films so cheesy they're fun, and... um... Act of Valor.

Interview: Taylor Kitsch

John Carter star Taylor Kitsch sat down with Dork Shelf to talk about the sci-fi genre, working with former Pixar director Andrew Stanton on his first live action film, and what it's like to be half-naked in the middle of a sandstorm.

John Carter Review

On top of making back a gargantuan, near quarter of a billion dollar budget, John Carter isn't exactly the easiest sell in the world even by mega-blockbuster standards. It's extremely literate to the point where it just might alienate audiences looking for average escapist fare.