Beyond Clueless

Interview: Charlie Lyne

We talk to film critic, essayist, and documentarian Charlie Lyne about his look back on teen movie trends of the 90s in Beyond Clueless.

Hot Docs 2014: Beyond Clueless Review

Beyond Clueless Nightvision UK film critic Charlie Lyne looks at the teen movie craze of the mid-to-late 90s and early aughts and the universal time tested themes within via a poignant and vibrant visual essay film. Although featuring remarkably little of the titular film (although its influence looms large over the proceedings), Lyne looks at […]

The Dork Shelf Guide to Hot Docs 2014

The 21st annual Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival is upon us - running Thursday, April 24th to Sunday, May 4th - and here's your one stop shop for all of our reviews, interviews, features, and festivities from the largest festival of its kind in North America.

53 Hot Tickets at Hot Docs 2014

We asked an assortment of 50 people - film writers, filmmakers, professors, film programmers, and patrons - to give us their top picks for this year's Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival and here are the 53 front runners for this year's must see films.