Bill Ross

Hot Docs 2015: Western Review

The Ross Brother’s Western provides deep insight in to the lives of these two remarkable individuals, as well as the community to which they belong.

Tchoupitoulas Review

Pitched somewhere between a documentary and a fever dream, Bill and Turner Ross’ Tchoupitoulas is one of those rare cinematic experiences: a true original. Pushing the boundaries of what qualifies as a documentary while still staying true to the purest form of fly-on-the-wall cinema verite, the film is a wholly unique experience. At once an abstract art piece and childish flight of whimsy, it’s a movie that begs to be soaked up and adored by any film lover.

Interview: Turner Ross

Dork Shelf talks to Tchopitoulas co-director Turner Ross about the latest documentary he made with his brother Bill and what it's like to film with kids in the almost magical city of New Orleans.