Unsung Anniversaries #3: American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt

For this week's Unsung Anniversaries, we go with a pretty deep cut to celebrate the 25th anniversary of American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt, and in the process talk a little bit about the history of 1980s movie making powerhouse Cannon Films, what happens when a franchise has to recast its lead, and why the film has two standout performances from cult acting icons that almost make it worth watching.

Interview: Dion Conflict

Dork Shelf talks to all nigh B-movie maven and host of Shock and Awe (happening at Toronto's Revue Cinema this Friday at 11:30pm) Dion Conflict about this year’s selections, the work that goes into the festival, his love for Shock and Awe crowds, spaghetti westerns, sex flicks being on the cutting edge of technology, being duped into seeing Mac and Me a second time in theatres, programming shorts between the features, how the mystery feature stays under wraps (with a slight tease for this year), and finding the right times to run certain movies that might not have gone over as well a year or two prior.

Breakin’ – ’80s breakdance classic hits Toronto

9:00PM! Saturday Feb 26, 2011! At the Toronto Underground Cinema! From the director of RAPPIN’ and LAMBADA! From the producers of BLOODSPORT and TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2! Get ready to pop, lock, flare & freeze! After over 25 years, BREAKIN’ returns to Toronto! Come out, breakdance and behold a MEGA-RARE screening of a 35mm print […]