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Eisner Review: Lumberjanes

[Editor’s Note: If you’ll recall from the last Eisner Review, Heather’s completion of the Eisner Watch series was cruelly delayed because of jury duty. This is the last of the series, focusing on the 2015 Best New Series winner, Lumberjanes.] Have you ever been to summer camp? Have you ever had a group of friends […]

5 Resolutions for Comics in 2015

2014 was a fantastic time to be a comic reader, despite the kerfuffles and complaints along the way. Which is why I’ve compiled a list of resolutions for comics in 2015 that I believe would bring fans better stories and less to complain about.

Soldier Zero #7 Review

Cashing in on his esteemed and legendary career, Stan Lee's return to creating new comic characters was heavily publicized by Boom! Studios. Awesome. Stan Lee was back! Except when the first issue of Soldier Zero arrived on comic stands, it was a creative travesty.