Charlie Lyne

Hot Docs 2016: Fear Itself Review

From the director of Beyond Clueless comes another essay film about pop culture, this time settling on horror films as a subject as it weaves together clips from the entire history of the genre.

Interview: Charlie Lyne

We talk to film critic, essayist, and documentarian Charlie Lyne about his look back on teen movie trends of the 90s in Beyond Clueless.

Hot Docs 2014: Beyond Clueless Review

Beyond Clueless Nightvision UK film critic Charlie Lyne looks at the teen movie craze of the mid-to-late 90s and early aughts and the universal time tested themes within via a poignant and vibrant visual essay film. Although featuring remarkably little of the titular film (although its influence looms large over the proceedings), Lyne looks at […]

53 Hot Tickets at Hot Docs 2014

We asked an assortment of 50 people - film writers, filmmakers, professors, film programmers, and patrons - to give us their top picks for this year's Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival and here are the 53 front runners for this year's must see films.