Cinefranco 2015

Cinéfranco 2015: The Easy Way Out Review

The closing film of this year’s Cinéfranco festival is The Easy Way Out, a family drama based on a novel by Stephen McCauly and adapted for the screen by Brice Cauvin. The drama this family faces is not life and death situations, but mostly comes from the romantic entanglements of three sons and the ways in which their […]

Cinéfranco 2015: Party Girl Review

The hilarious and heartbreaking Party Girl shows us an old cabaret worker who decides to settle in and get married with one of her favorite customers. The movie is a biographical story of director Samuel Theis’ mother, Angélique Litzenburger, the party girl, who plays herself. There are so many interesting themes and discussions in this […]

Cinéfranco 2015: Tokyo Fiancée Review

Tokyo Fiancée, based on a book by Amélie Nothomb, is a partially autobiographical film about her life as a 20 year old in Tokyo. The film tells the adorable yet realistic story of Amélie who, as a young Belgian woman obsessed with Japan, heads to Tokyo in hopes of establishing herself there. She begins teaching French to a young local […]

Cinéfranco 2015: In The Name of My Daughter Review

In the Name of My Daughter tells the real life story of the events leading to the disappearance of Agnès Le Roux, daughter of the rich casino owner Renée Le Roux during 70’s French Riviera. Legendary french actress Catherine Deneuve plays the mother Renée, but it’s Adèle Haenel (Agnès) who shines and gives an outstanding performance. […]