Interview: Tom Berninger

We talk to Tom Berninger, subject of and filmmaker behind the documentary Mistaken for Strangers about any potential fame he has seen as a result of appearing alongside his more famous and notable brother (lead singer of The National), how the film has the potential to bring new fans to The National’s music, why his brother has heavy metal tendencies despite not being a very metal guy, what he remembers about being on tour and his job, and why he really might not be all that different from his big brother.

The Summit Review

The documentary The Summit, looks back on the deadliest 48 hours in the history of people climbing K2, and while it's consistently thrilling, it’s saddled with a bizarrely Rashomon-styled structure that gives the film an oddly directionless feeling.

Interview: Justin McConnell

We talk to filmmaker Justin McConnell about following around his buddy Greg Sommer, creator of the battle-tastic Box Wars for his documentary, Skull World, opening in Toronto this weekend.

Interview: Bart Layton

We talk to director Bart Layton about his intense and mysterious new documentary The Imposter and the challenges of finding truth in a bunch of liars.

Marley Review

A complex, thorough, and painstaking tribute to the legend of reggae icon Bob Marley, director Kevin Macdonald has crafted the documentary experience of the year so far with Marley.