Enrico Colantoni

Veronica Mars Review

While having at least a passing understanding of the TV series is an almost necessary prerequisite to understanding and appreciating the kickstarted Veronica Mars feature film, fans should get exactly what they want out of this condensed outing.

Interview: Kristen Bell

A long time ago Kristen Bell was on one of the most beloved and tragically cancelled TV shows of all time. This weekend, Veronica Mars is back on the big screen and on On Demand. We got a chance to talk with her about why the time was right to make the movie, how the film's Kickstarter campaign helped them get distribution, what it was like getting the band back together, the conflicted nature of Veronica’s quest this time out, and if she really did try to smuggle a burrito into The Oscars.

Servitude Review

Bland and, sitcom-ish Servitude aims low but manages a few moments of comedic glory that hit harder than they should given the film’s weak story concept.