Felicity Jones

True Story Review

True Story is a true crime tale that tries hard to illustrate its cinematic qualities and justify its existence, but miscast leads and a novice script fail to elevate it to anything worthy of praise.

A Girl on Girls: Episode 3.10 Recap

This episode of Girls was an emotional rollercoaster, bringing back S3E1's theme of questioning bonds between partners. Earlier this season Hannah told Adam “I really know you—no matter what your crazy ex-girlfriend says, I really know you.” While Natalia certainly doesn't understand Adam, it seems like Hannah might not either.

TIFF 2013: The Invisible Woman Review

The Invisible Woman Special Presentation Director: Ralph Fiennes Based on Claire Tomalin’s novel, and bursting with beautiful costumes shot in natural light, The Invisible Woman examines the quiet, but newsworthy affair between author Charles Dickens and Ellen “Nelly” Ternan. Assuming a dual role as leading man and director, Ralph Fiennes keeps things very Victorian and […]

Hysteria Review

If you’re only going to see one movie about vibrators this year, Hysteria should be at the top of your list.