Horror 2020

Scare Me Review: You Have Never Seen A Fireside Chat Like This

Putting a writer in a cabin in the woods is a more classic setup for a horror film than starting a joke with “Knock, knock.” But Scare Me is different. It is smart, scary, and not quite like anything we have seen before. The loose premise for the film is Fred ( played by writer/ […]

Death Of Me Review: Dude, Where Is My Passport?

Not all horror films are great, but plenty are good. Death Of Me is not ever going to enter the upper echelons of the genre, but it does present a fun enough way to spend 94 minutes. The story is a bit like a folk horror centered Dude, Where’s My Car?. Married couple Christine and […]

Shortcut Review: One Helluva Monster

Shortcut is just the kind of jumpy spooky horror film we need to kick off this year’s season of Halloween. The film begins on a school bus with only a few kids and their driver. When they come across a bunch of logs in the road they are forced to turn around and take a […]

Antebellum Review: Empty Gestures and Hollow History

When it comes to horror, what has happened throughout history to Black people is far worse than anything that has ever happened in any horror film. Antebellum exploits that true cruelty and uses it as a vehicle for more pain without any notion of commentary or nuance beyond the obvious. The film starts with a […]

Fantasia 2020 Review: The Dark and The Wicked

Brutality is not limited to physical torment. The Dark and The Wicked is emotionally brutal, and a bit physically tortuous too. The film begins with Louise (Marin Ireland) and her brother Michael (Michael Abbott Jr.) returning home to pay their final respects to their father. He is at hospice at home, and will likely not […]

Uncle Peckerhead Review: Death Comes Easy On The Road

Punk rock and horror go way, way back. Before Green Room and The Ranger, there were punks writhing naked on tombstones in Return of the Living Dead and The Ramones were singing about their lack of interest in being buried in a Pet Sematary. Uncle Peckerhead once again reunites punks and horror in a road […]

The Beach House Review: Sunny Summer Scares

The Beach House is smart. It has smart characters, a smart “monster,” and a smart main character. It assumes its audience is smart and never talks down to them. But best of all, it is effective, terrifying and unpredictable, and downright perfectly gross. The Beach House starts out like so many horror films, in a […]