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Skinamarink Review: Crouching Story, Hidden Horrors

Skinamarink is an expertly-crafted horror film that barely nudges into the land of narrative film, but you need to work to tap into all of the tension and fright. It requires the audience’s unbroken attention, dedication, and above all, their investment in wanting to be scared. To describe Skinamarink as having a plot or a […]

Rent-A-Pal Review: Companionship On-Demand

There is no way writer/director Jon Stevenson could have possibly known how topical Rent-A-Pal would be. While certain aspects of the plot may feel far fetched and intentionally dated, the yearning for connection and finding that on a screen is now more potent than ever. David (Brian Landis Folkins) is a pretty lonely guy. Living […]

Sputnik Review: In Soviet Russia, Alien Invades You

Taking place near the end of the Cold War, Sputnik begins at the end of a space mission. Two cosmonauts are returning to Earth, but their flight does not go smoothly. By the time they are on land, Konstantin Veshnyakov (Pyotr Fyodorov) is the only one of the duo alive, though badly injured. Rather than […]