Jamie Kastner

There Are No Fakes Review

There Are No Fakes is a haunting portrait of greed, class and the horrors that can arise when art is only viewed through a monetary lens.

The Secret Disco Revolution Review

Intermittently insightful, thoughtful and humorous, but mostly slapdash and unfocused, The Secret Disco Revolution squanders a genuinely good thesis on a mishmash of talking heads a pointless, cutesy recreations that make disco look like a heist.

Interview: Jamie Kastner

We talk to the documentarian behind The Secret Disco Revolution, Jamie Kastner, about the evolution of disco, why “Good Times” might be a secretly ironic protest anthem, the occasionally brusque nature of The Village People, and the challenges faced in crafting an alternate take on an established history.

TIFF 2012 Reviews: Part 2

Day two of our TIFF 2012 coverage rolls on with looks at Anna Karenina, The Iceman, Antiviral, No, Amour, The Sapphires, Pusher, The Secret Disco Revolution, and What Richard Did.