Jean-Philippe Tremblay

Interview: Jeff Cohen

Dork Shelf sits down with media critic and analyst Jeff Cohen about the upcoming documentary Shadows of Liberty, his work at CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News as an outsider that was critical of the corporate media (the latter of all being the most oddly freeing), his current work on exposing corporate media bias, and how to better create a full spectrum for a political dialogue.

Hot Docs 2012: Weekend Update

As the first weekend of the 2012 Hot Docs International Documentary Film Festival draws to a close today, we bring you even more reviews from the front lines of first person filmmaking with looks at The Imposter, Off Label, G-Dog, Shadows of Liberty, The Punk Syndrome, Buzkashi!, Welcome to the Machine, Where Heaven Meets Hell, and My Mate Manchester United.

Interview: Jean-Philippe Tremblay

Dork Shelf caught up with Shadows of Liberty director Jean-Philippe Tremblay (whose film screens today for a second time at Hot Docs) to talk about the links between American government and the media, what his thoughts are on the current state of the FCC, and just how hard it is to make your first film about such a huge, largely unspoken concept.