Johannes Vermeer

Tim’s Vermeer Review

It would be easy to pithily dismiss a documentary like Tim’s Vermeer, the feature directorial debut of Teller from noted magician and pundit duo Penn and Teller, as something akin of a Mythbusters-styled lark, or even worse as a filming of a forgery. But as with the great work of art the film’s protagonist is trying to understand, there’s a far deeper meaning on scientific, emotional, and artistic levels coming into play.

Exhibition: Vermeer and Music Review

This special Cineplex look at the works of Johannes Vermeer from a recent exhibition at the National Gallery in London should give curious, expert, or neophyte art aficionados a reasonably in-depth look into one of the world’s still most mysterious and elusive painters.

TIFF 2013: Tim’s Vermeer Review

Tim’s Vermeer TIFF Docs Director: Teller Dutch master Johannes Vermeer’s paintings have confounded art historians for generations. The level of detail he achieved seems unfathomable with a few controversial theorists suggesting that he used a camera obscura to paint virtual photographs. That’s the kind of clever conspiracy ripe for debunking that tends to appeal to […]