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Under The Skin (Jonathan Glazer, 2014) – Jonathan Glazer’s Under The Skin is one of those visually stunning, brain-tinglingly complex, and deeply disturbing science fiction movies that were all the rage in the 70s until Star Wars. It’s an art film that never feels like homework and proof that there’s still audacious and original work […]

Under the Skin Review

Few films since the late Stanley Kubrick have been able to approach the unnerving artistic depths that Jonathan Glazer reaches with his latest effort, Under the Skin.

Interview: Scarlett Johansson

Don Jon actress Scarlett Johansson talks to Dork Shelf about the differences between pornography and romantic comedy, her collaboration with Joseph Gordon-Levitt for the first time, how her decision making process has evolved over the years, what it’s like watching a sexualized film in front of family and loved ones, and her own (somewhat surprising) addiction.