Mark Rendall

The Birder Review

The Birder is a slight and quirky Canadian indie comedy that's not so much bad as it is immediately forgettable.

Algonquin Review

The Canadian indie drama Algonquin is a perfect example of a rare kind of film: the kind of idea that sounds terrible on paper or in a pitch, but one that works just fine in practice.

Interview: Jonathan Hayes

We talk to Jonathan Hayes, director of the Canadian drama Algonquin about the clashing egos within his film's characters, the concept of denial and distance within families, and how his film is now related directly to the work of Casablanca director Michael Curtiz.

CFF 2014: The Birder Review

The Birder A slight, but quirky indie comedy from Theodore Bezaire, The Birder finds Ottawa native Tom Cavanagh as an ornithologist whose life is in disarray. Ron Spencer’s ex-wife has finally kicked him out of the house after breaking up six months prior, the high school where he’s a science teacher has begun to treat […]