Michael Steves

Slamdance 2015 Interview: Michael Steves and Bubba Fish

How did a College theatre class accident result in a stabbing AND inspire a movie idea? How did Clinger‘s producer Bubba Fish pool enough resources to make a feature film? How did Clinger director Michael Steves use his ‘Dork Shelf’ to try to get girls in High School?  Learn theses answers and more in our interview […]

Slamdance 2015: Clinger Review

When Robert Klingher (Vincent Martella) charms Fern (Jennifer Laporte) into being his first girlfriend, he couldn’t be happier. In typical teenager fashion, he showers her with praise and gifts to a point of disgust. Just when she is about to break up with him, he accidentally beheads himself with an elaborate rig he built to profess his love […]