Oliver Cooper

Burying The Ex Blu-ray Review

Joe Dante, the man behind some of our favourite films (Gremlins, Innerspace, The Burbs...) is back at it again with Burying The Ex, now on Blu-ray.

Runner Runner Review

The tepid potboiler Runner Runner is so dull and hopelessly cliched the only reaction one can really give it is a raised eyebrow and a facial expression that says "Really? That's it?"

This Week in DVD: 6/19/12

This week on video store shelves, Phil Brown stays home with Jeff, Who Lives at Home before developing Wanderlust, while Andrew Parker heads out west to deal with zombies in Exit Humanity and Christian Slater in Dawn Rider before returning home to wreck the place with Project X Also, a few words about the now cancelled Canadian cult series Being Erica and the intriguing family documentary My Reincarnation.

Project X Review

The latest entry into the “found footage movie of the month sweepstakes,” Project X , has the potential to be a dorm room classic because of it's content, but that won't stop it from being thoroughly misunderstood. It’s a paean to epic adolescent folly that dares to make getting completely shitfaced look as vainglorious as it really is.

Interview: The Stars of Project X

Dork Shelf talks to Project X stars Thomas Mann, Oliver Cooper, and Jonathan Daniel Brown about just what it's like to shoot a found footage movie about a party out of control for five straight weeks.