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Pocket Review – Captain America #49

Welcome back Dorks, In today’s Pocket Review I’ll be looking at Captain America #49 from Marvel Comics. With writing duties handled by Ed Brubaker and art drawn by Luke Ross, Captain America is now a more gritty and dynamic character than he has ever been before.  Issue #49 also sets the stage for what promises […]

Pocket Review: The Flash: Rebirth # 1

Greetings Dork Shelfers, Jeff here with another Pocket Review. Today I’ll be talking a bit about the first issue of DC Comics The Flash: Rebirth. The Flash: Rebirth is being produced by the same team that did 2005’s Green Lantern: Rebirth. As with all the Rebirth titles, Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver are trying […]

Pocket Review: The Walking Dead #60

Welcome back Shelfers, Jeff here with another Pocket Review. Today I’m talking about the fantastic book The Walking Dead. Rating 95% (9.5 G’s on the Anti-Gravity Scale) I highly recommend that you pick up any book from this ongoing series, it’s an excellent take on the zombie genre. The Walking Dead Official Site

Pocket Review: Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #4

Greetings Dork Shelfers(Shelvers?) Jeff here with the first of what will be a regular feature here on the site: Comic Book Pocket Reviews. I plan to cover a wide range of books, mainstream and indie alike and everything in between. Today I’m discussing Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #4 A few closing thoughts on Ultimate Wolverine […]