Roger Moore

BGM Episode 41: Boat Trip

If ever a sailing vessel needed to crash into an iceberg and save an actor’s career from its worst possibilities, it is this one. Bil, David and Michael watched it and really needed a vacation right afterward. Join the BGM boys as they discuss, BOAT TRIP! Listen Download While you’re admiring our brilliance, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, […]

The New Old: Bond from 1982 to 2012

We finish up our in-depth look at the BOND 50 Blu-ray box set this Thanksgiving with a look at the British super spy from 1982's Octopussy through to 2008's Quantum of Solace. Our film and arts editor ranks his films from best to worst at the end, and so do you with a list of our Dork Shelf readers' favourites ranked in terms of votes as to which was the best.

The New Old: Bond from 1962 to 1981

In honour of Global James Bond Day, we take a look at the first half of the Bond 50 Blu-ray box set and take a look at the UK's biggest cinematic export from Dr. No through For Your Eyes Only.