Saorise Ronan

Blu-Ray Round Up: 11/4/13

This week brings looks at some leftover spooks, 'splosions, and some romance as we transition from Halloween in to the deeper recesses of fall. We look at Roland Emmerich's latest blockbuster White House Down, John Carpenter's underrated In the Mouth of Madness, James's Wan's surprise megahit The Conjuring, Richard Linklater's trilogy capping Before Midnight, and Neil Jordan's unjustly slept-on Byzantium.

The Host Review

The Host is entertaining, but in all the wrong ways, and it’s even more ludicrous and slapdash than any of the films that came out of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series. It’s the kind of film of such staggering, unintentional camp that it begs out for Rocky Horror styled catcalling and drinking games to arise from it.