Simon Yam

Reel Asian 2014: The Midnight After Review

The Midnight After It’s important to kick off a film festival with something that makes a hell of a strong statement, and this installment of the Reel Asian Film Festival has done so in spades.  The Midnight After is a mind bending tale that evokes a wide array of emotions, and managing to entertain like […]

Reel Asian 2013: Tales from the Dark Part 1 Review

Tales from the Dark Part 1 (Centerpiece Presentation) A delightfully old school anthology of creepy ghost stories, the first installment of Tales from the Dark (both of which were released in China earlier this year) consists of three consistently spooky and amusing shorts about characters all trying to profit off the deaths  and misfortunes of […]

Johnnie To’s Vengeance Trailer Shoots You in the Face

The trailer for director Johnnie To‘s new film Vengeance has shot its way online.  To, whose previous films include Election, Exiled and the quirky Mad Detective, is considered by many as one of the best action director’s working in Hong Kong today.  Vengeance looks to be another solid entry into To’s catalogue.  Starring the always […]