The Darkside

The Dork Shelf Guide to Hot Docs 2014

The 21st annual Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival is upon us - running Thursday, April 24th to Sunday, May 4th - and here's your one stop shop for all of our reviews, interviews, features, and festivities from the largest festival of its kind in North America.

Hot Docs 2014: The Darkside Review

The Darkside Mystery, Myth, and Legend If nothing else, Warwick Thornton’s documentary The Darkside is certainly an original concept. Over many months Thornton collected a series of ghost stories from a variety of sources across Australia then shot first person retellings of the best ones along with re-enactments from local actors. The 13 stories depicted […]

53 Hot Tickets at Hot Docs 2014

We asked an assortment of 50 people - film writers, filmmakers, professors, film programmers, and patrons - to give us their top picks for this year's Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival and here are the 53 front runners for this year's must see films.