Toronto Black Film Festival 2014

TBFF 2014: From Above Review

From Above From Above tells the tale of William Ward (Danny Glover) as he recalls the love story of his life with Venus (Tantoo Cardinal). Told in flashback from his wife’s deathbed, Ward relives the events of their shared life together. Venus is from the Lightning Clan, a mystical Native American family living in Arkansas, […]

TBFF 2014: The Retrieval Review

The Retrieval This serious 1860s set bounty hunter drama is the antithesis of Tarantino’s Django Unchained, but in the best possible ways. A purposefully metered and purposely direful journey, it has a lot more in common with John Hillcoat’s adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road than its synopsis might suggest (albeit with a larger cast). […]

TBFF 2014: Cristo Rey Review

Cristo Rey In the ghettos of Leticia Tonos Paniagua’s titular city on the southern coast of the Dominican Republic, tensions between the country’s local population and the thousands of largely illegal Haitian immigrants and refugees living there is at an all time high. It’s against this backdrop that this 2013 TIFF selection decides to set […]

TBFF 2014: The Suspect Review

The Suspect Two social scientists (Mekhi Phifer and Sterling K. Brown) pose as bank robbers in a small all-white Southern town to understand the racial dynamics of small-town law enforcement.  However, their experiment takes an unplanned, deadly turn as a local sheriff (William Sadler) has his own questions to ask, as one of the two […]

TBFF 2014: Haiti Untold Review

Haiti Untold A well meaning and well intentioned documentary doesn’t always make for the greatest movie, as evidenced by Dan Shannon and Isabelle Depelteau’s surprisingly predominantly white-centric look at the rebuilding effort in Haiti following the devastating 2010 earthquake. Getting in on the ground with the organizations and volunteers who are funding and actively working […]

TBFF 2014: The Forgotten Kingdom Review

The Forgotten Kingdom This year’s opening night film takes the standard “wayward son returning home after a tragedy” narrative and crafts a complex and emotionally enriched narrative not only about the estrangement between fathers and sons, but also between cultures, economies, and between the nations of South Africa and Lesotho. Atang (Zenzo Ngqobe), a young […]

TBFF 2014: Blue Caprice Review

Blue Caprice Boasting an exceptional leading performance from Isaiah Washington, Alexandre Moore’s Blue Caprice takes a real life story that has already be used for trashy “true crime” novelizations and movies of the week, and crafts a slow-burning, suspenseful, and uneasy character piece from the material. It does justice to a tragedy while simultaneously never […]