Zoie Palmer

CFF 2014: Patch Town Review

Patch Town Craig Goodwill adapts his darkly charming 2001 fairy tale short to feature length with great success. It might work better for those who haven’t seen the film it was based on – because it’s more or less the same thing – but the material is just as strong now as it was then […]

Sex After Kids Review

While certainly a bit overstuffed with several barely intersecting storylines, the ensemble Canadian indie comedy Sex After Kids has great performances, an ear for truthful humor, and certainly a little something for everybody.

Interview: The Cast and Director of Sex After Kids

We talk to writer/director Jeremy LaLonde and actors Kate Hewlett, Amanda Brugel, and Zoie Palmer about their work on the ensemble independent Canadian comedy Sex After Kids about finding the right people for the roles, assembling a film out of a lot of different parts in a small amount of time, letting go of your ego to play something realistically for laughs, not being able to keep straight faces, and why Jeremy jokingly made his low budget independent film sound even lower budget than it really was.