TFcon Toronto is this Weekend

The 9th Annual Transformers Collectors Convention—TFcon—happens this weekend, July 17th and 18th. If you’re a fan of alien robots that turn into vehicles (and I’m not talking about the Go-Bots!) then TFcon is the place for you.

TFcon features a huge dealer floor, where you can purchase all manner of Transformers merchandise. They also have special guests lined up, including voice actors and designers from the Transformers TV shows and movies. The event is the biggest one of its kind in Canada, a great opportunity for fans and collectors to meet up and dork out over all things Transformers.

If you’d like to know more, we had a chance to talk with the organizers of TFcon earlier this year. We’ll be posting that interview on Friday.

For full details check out the official TFcon Website and the event page on Facebook.


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