The Hong Kong Massacre: A Quick Fix for Your Gaming Itch

The Hong Kong Massacre Provides an Over-the-top Parade of Violence

I love going to the movies, but some days, nothing pleases me more than kicking back and unwinding by playing video games. Except for Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, movies are passive experiences. Video games, even at their most basic level, engage your mind and your body, which is great… at times. But as life grows more demanding and my free time dwindles, gaming often feels like a chore.

I love playing big-budget games like Grand Theft Auto V, God of War, and Red Dead Redemption 2. Their rich open worlds feel as detailed and alive as their cast’s eccentric characters. Often, my gaming sessions stay with me days after I put the controller down and step back into the real world. But these immersive games with their convoluted stories and intricate gameplay mechanics take upwards of 40-hours to complete. And even though I love the experience, carving out time to play feels exhausting. Sometimes I need a quick fix for my gaming itch. Something fun and addictive but not too deep. Developer VRESKI’s new game, The Hong Kong Massacre, may be the answer.

The Hong Kong Massacre looks like the perfect game for action junkies with little free time to spare. Available on PS4 and PC, The Hong Kong Massacre merges two of my favourite things: Hong Kong action movies and video games. The game is a top-down shooter in the spirit of Dennaton Games’ brutal and addictive violence parade, Hotline Miami. But don’t take my word for it:


What I like most about The Hong Kong Massacre is it looks like the type of game where you jump in for a quick level or three as you wind down for the day. The challenge here is that one bullet can take you down. Lucky for you, players have an arsenal of Max Payne-style bullet-time and shoot dodges (and infinite restarts) on your side. So, taking down gangs of thugs is both a challenging puzzle and a cathartic ballet of bullets.

Here’s the best part. The Hong Kong Massacre dropped on January 22 so you can download it right now. And if you’re on the fence, the game has already racked up a bunch of solid reviews. If you love Hong Kong action flicks like Hard Boiled and SPL: Sha po lang (Kill Zone), then you don’t want to miss out on this over-the-top shooter.

Here’s The Hong Kong Massacre’s synopsis:

The Hong Kong Massacre is a fast-paced, top-down shooter set in the city of Hong Kong. Inspired by Hong Kong action movies the game lets the player engage in hard-boiled gunfights around the city, in levels ranging from restaurants to building rooftops.


Set in Hong Kong around 1992 the game follows a former police detective set out to seek vengeance for his partner, who was brutally killed by the Triad.