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The Infinite Vacation #1 Review

The Infinite Vacation - Nick Spencer and Christian Ward

A new Image title by Nick Spencer (Shudder Town, Morning Glories) and Christian Ward, Infinite Vacation’s premise revolves around travelling between alternate universes, and the alternate lives you are living. I was completely stunned by this comic. The art – amazing. The story – fantastic. I can’t wait for the next issue.

Nick Spencer has been making waves in the comic industry for his indie hits with Image comics. Personally, I wasn’t a big fan of Shudder Town, but have been enjoying Morning Glories, and consider it his best work to date — until I picked up Infinite Vacation. To be fair, I haven’t been reading his Action Comics, but Infinite Vacation has one of the coolest premises ever, and some very funny, perfect little moments.

The comic introduces the idea that one can, through a paid phone app, jump between alternate universes, exploring all the different lives one could lead, given the infinite choices that we have to make – and live with – every day. The sheer commercialism and ‘marketability’ of this ‘technology’ is perfectly played out in the comic. And as I mentioned previously, the art is phenomenal. I am not familiar with Christian Ward’s work, and while a net search pulled up his beautiful website, it didn’t list many of his credits. If this title stays true to what the first issue delivered, we will definitely be seeing more from this gentleman.

Infinite Vacation isn’t the best comic I have ever read… but given that I picked it up more as a curiosity on Wednesday morning, I was floored by what I found inside. A wonderful surprise, a heck of a good read, and possibly the next Chew. I would suggest tracking down a copy quickly!


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